Without the «gay» connotation (if this is present), In my opinion confirmed bachelor/ette is the best proposition thus far

Without the «gay» connotation (if this is present), In my opinion confirmed bachelor/ette is the best proposition thus far

An exclusive and you will evidently romantic relationship that’s with no sex

Getting just one phrase – voluntagamus means practically choice-single during the Latin. However, I doubt if you could actually ever fool around with a personally created word.

Incorporating an alternate means to fix target the fresh new brand of the question (coin an expression, rather than looking a current one):

Looking for «marriage-free», pursuing the trend off «child-free»? (I know that not every matchmaking produce marriage, but «relationship-free» is simply too vague IMO. I believe «marriage-free» do have the suggestion across nonetheless.)

BTW, «child-free» have not cong options for «zero kids don’t want ‘em» it is further together than whatever else, which seems to be in identical standard area swipe pЕ™ihlГЎsit.

That it is possible to phrase was «nonogamist», shaped of «nonogamy» in the sense as the «bigamist» is formed out of «bigamy», or «monogamist» regarding «monogamy».

Just like the detailed in the -ist und bleibt entryway during the wiktionary, suffix «-ist» can be «placed into conditions in order to create nouns denoting . one who comes after a theory otherwise system from religion.» Because «nonogamy» makes reference to maybe not ist und bleibt» try someone who chooses not to get married.

Perhaps «philononogamist», that actually is quite easy to say immediately following on fourteen tries, manage serve. Together with, remember that those who work in new «nonogamy.livejournal people» would use «nonogamist» so you can mean more or less what is actually spelled in the newest modify, but their incorporate may differ from more prevalent need.

The bill on the respond to food out-of «nonogamy», in order to reveal that while it appear to is not a basic dictionary term, it’s a word that is being used regarding English words.

To have a mature accessibility «nonogamy», see the Melbourne Punch guide, page 42, nine Feb 1871, reprinted during the Mr. Strike down under, 1982. Regrettably the author of the item typed Area XV when you look at the a beneficial brand of realization mode, in lieu of into the over sentences; to help you humor: «People considered off additional points of view. . Expediency of not actually having one. . Queen Herod’s program spoken of approvingly. . The fresh author’s advice. Wives. Polygamy, monogamy, nonogamy. Nonogamy needed. Objections towards polygamy. . Monogamy unhesitatingly destined. The viewpoints of any age and one sex dry facing they.» (Ellipses exploit.) It seems in this framework you to definitely nonogamy means perhaps not hitched.

nonogamy.livejournal says, «It [nonogamy] area is for those of us you to definitely roll all of our attention when we hear dating tales. Many of those which do not end up being we should instead feel paired off to feel pleased. We don’t Hate like, but i would dislike individuals who won’t shut-up about this already. Nonogamy means do not you would like like, gender,cuddling, times, or romantic days celebration cards. Love is perhaps all better and you can a great, however, end house in it currently.»

Specific ignorati from the democraticunderground laugh the word, instead of providing they correct obeisance, for the a bond entitled «Midthread test: Do «nonogamy» indicate no spouses, nine wives, or wives who do «no-no»s?».

Urbandictionary now offers a couple maybe-ironic definitions out of nonogamy quite from the chances with meanings over: 1. 2. An effective sarcastic mention of the modern monogamy regarding the build world in which sex try marginalized otherwise vanishes in a marriage [. ]

Remember that «nonogamist» accordingly responses the initial question asked, throughout the «an individual who [sic] has actually consciously chose to remain unmarried forever», but is perhaps not compatible regarding «relationships» said throughout the revision

I’m scared you might not see an already founded phrase with all of the new connotations and you can significance you require. I do believe celibate ‘s the nearest, because it is the only single-word-term that usually comes with the meaning of preference. The new disadvantage to it’s their unavoidable mention of faith, and i understand that you aren’t interested in one to meaning. This matches on basic around three of your conditions.

Dr. Fernando García

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